Daily Bible Inspirations

You Can Be the Cause

by John Michalak

Moses called to Joshua, and said to him in the sight of all Israel, “Be strong and courageous, for you shall go with this people into the land which the LORD has sworn to their fathers to give them; and you shall cause them to inherit it.“

Deuteronomy 31:7

There’s an unusual phrase here in Deuteronomy: “you shall cause them to inherit it.”

When we think of an inheritance, money or property passed from parents to children, we don’t often think of it as “caused.” From our perspective as children, the inheritance has always been there.

But, every effect…has a cause! God was the initial first “cause” in creating the universe. And so, there has been no inheritance given that wasn’t caused, or created, by someone first.

This was Moses’ charge to Joshua: go into the Promised Land and build something that can be passed down to future generations. God promised Israel this inheritance, but it was up to Joshua to cause them to inherit it.

We’ve been given a similar assignment. God has granted us His Holy Spirit and new life in His Son. But, we’ve now been charged with passing this inheritance onto others by sharing the Gospel and making disciples in His name.

So, do you know anyone who could benefit from God’s inheritance? With God’s help, you can be the cause—the very reason they receive it.

Pray: Lord, help me be the cause of blessing and salvation in the lives of others. Amen.