Daily Bible Inspirations

Your Faith in Jesus Can Make Miracles

by Pastor Ken

Then he [Jesus] touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith be it done to you.” Their eyes were opened.

Matthew 9:29-30

Two blind men followed behind Jesus, shouting, “Son of David, have mercy on us!”

Saying “Son of David” indicates they recognized Jesus as Messiah that translated into bold, persistent faith in Him. In fact, they persisted to the point of going to the house where Jesus was staying. When they arrived, Jesus asked, “Do you believe that I can make you see?”

Without hesitation and with full confidence they replied, “Yes, Lord, we do!”

Jesus touched their eyes and said, “It will happen to you according to your faith.”

Immediately they were able to see! Can you just imagine how it felt to actually see the people around them, the flowers, blue sky, and the singing birds in the green olive trees in their back yard? It’s no wonder they couldn’t keep from telling everyone they met what Jesus had done for them in spite of the fact that Jesus told them not to. This miracle of Jesus is found in Matthew 9:27-31.

We need to be like these two men; putting our faith into practice with persistence and boldness. We need to believe that with Jesus we can do everything (Philippians 4:13). Having this kind of faith opens the doors for us to have a spiritual eye-opening experience—one that may be even more wonderful than the joy of those healed blind men.