Daily Bible Inspirations

You Do Measure Up

by John Michalak

As for the holy ones who are in the earth, they are the excellent ones in whom is all my delight.

Psalm 16:3

Children often feel the burden of their parents’ expectations.

I need to stay in school. Go to college. Find a solid career. I need to find the man or woman of my parents’ dreams. I need to make something of myself.

While such expectations aren’t wrong, the pressure they put on children may result in the opposite effect. Rebellion. Separation from family. Or at least the perception that there’s nothing you can do that could win their approval.

These feelings in children are sometimes justified, but most parents would challenge them. Do they want their kids to grow up into mature, responsible adults? Sure. But, what they really want is for their children to remain safe and happy. What they really want is to keep their children close and never to lose their love.

God—as echoed through the psalmist David—is a parent who delights in you. You are His saint, His holy one, set apart as one of His precious kids. Does God have some expectations for how you live? Of course. But mostly, He wants to keep you close, and He never wants to lose your love.

Follow God as one who is already accepted. Christ accomplished that one for us. Through Christ’s blood, you do measure up in your Father’s eyes. God’s main expectation is for you to believe this is true.